This week the SEC’s spring regulatory agenda was published, which provided some much anticipated insight into the SEC’s plans regarding adoption of some significant rulemakings, including those on climate change and cybersecurity. Although the SEC does not always meet the timeline it sets for itself in its regulatory agenda (as evidenced by the fact that many of these actions on final rules were originally slotted to be taken by April 2023), here are the aspirational dates for some noteworthy actions planned by the SEC.

October 2023

Action on Final Rules:

Action to Propose Rules:

April 2024

Action to Propose Rule: Rule 144 Holding Period

Action to Propose Rule: Corporate Board Diversity

The full regulatory agenda can be found here. Click on the following for our prior alerts on the proposed rules regarding Rule 14a-8, SPACs, and Climate Change. We will continue to provide updates and insight into the SEC rulemaking agenda.